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Sandwich Harbour

The reed-fringed lagoon at Sandwich Harbour, situated 48km south of Walvis Bay at the foot of towering ivory-coloured dunes, is a spectacular and sought-after destination. The lagoon referred to in old texts as Sandfisch Haven, was once an open bay, which became silted up over the years. Today it is visited especially by anglers, ornithologists, photographers and nature lovers (The lagoon is one of five protected wetlands in Namibia). The lagoon is fed by fresh water seeping from an inland aquifer, and is a sanctuary for large numbers of coastal and freshwater birds.

Tours to this area are done on a tailor-made basis and it is recommended that two nights are spent in the Dunes.


Conception Bay

Conception Bay is located approximately 130km south of Walvis Bay and during the Diamond rush in the Namib, the bay served as a place where mining and other supplies were off-loaded for use in the three nearby mining camps. Tours to Conception Bay are offered on an exclusive and tailor-made basis, allowing you to determine the group members and suitable dates. The duration of the tour can vary between 2 – 4 days. We recommend the 4 day option, simply to ensure that you have enough time to really take in the breathtaking landscapes and truly experience the Namib Desert.

Highlights of a visit to Conception Bay include, amongst others, a visit to Sandwich Harbour, passing through an old deserted mining camp, negotiating the “Lange Wand” (Wall of Death), stopping at the Eduard Bohlen shipwreck and last but certainly not the least, navigating your way through some of the largest dunes in the Namib.

Nearby attractions like Sossusvlei can also be added to the itinerary. Contact us for a tailor-made Adventure.

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